How Mediation Works


If you seek mediation to help to resolve a dispute, a simple 6-stage process happens.

Stage 1 – the mediators (community mediation always used two mediators) meet each

person separately in their homes to get the background to the dispute.

Stage 2 – the people in the dispute and the mediators meet in a neutral venue and it is

explained that everything is confidential and that mediation is voluntary.

Stage 3 – each person tells their story in full and also describes the emotions caused by the


Stage 4 – each person names the issues that they would like to get resolved at mediation.

Stage 5 – each person in the dispute suggests ideas about how each issue might be resolved

(the mediators do not offer advice, suggestions or recommendations – they remain neutral).

Stage 6 – if a solution is reached, a verbal or written agreement is put together and both

people leave the room with the dispute behind them.