Family Mediation

Dublin Community Mediation provides family mediation and dispute-resolution services to assist families settle disputes and repair communication and relationship problems.


The service will assist: 

  • parents who wish to collaborate to resolve disputes in relation to parenting their children and/or in creating or implementing parenting agreements.

  • children (in collaboration with their parents) who need assistance to have their voice heard and influence parenting arrangements and decisions.

  • family members who wish to reconcile or repair breakdowns in  communication, relationship or with siblings or extended family.

  • grandparents or parents who may require assistance in rebuilding relationships with their children or grandchildren.

  • senior citizens or their families who may wish to resolve issues related to care for the elderly and the challenges of later life.

  • persons who wish to collaboratively address tensions, disputes or conflict in order to improve shared/ interdependent living arrangements.

Shared parenting
A core element of this service where relevant, entails prioritising the best interests of children, and meeting children to hear their views and enhance shared parenting.


This service complements rather than replaces the Family Mediation Service which focuses on issues of custody, access, maintenance and guardianship. 


The service will be of benefit to those who already have such mediated agreements, legal separation or divorce agreements in place but who need assistance in maintaining and implementing them.


This is a not-for-profit service using volunteer mediators and a small income related charge and/or donations are needed to defray operating costs.  


How and when

  • We offer this service at our office based in Rathfarnham

  • We provide mediation and support remotely where possible using platforms such as Zoom or Skype and by phone.

  • We can offer flexible times during the day and evenings depending on the availability of our mediators

  • Our team of volunteer mediators aim to offer a first appointment within 10 days.

For further information

call Dublin Community Mediation tel; 01 4515910; Mobile: 089 9633170

or email: