Community, Neighbour & Family Disputes

Everybody gets into rows and disputes. It is a human thing. People in the community can

have differences about such things as:


  • Barking dogs

  • Parking

  • Hedges, walls & boundaries

  • Noise

  • Communication between people


Going to Court to solve issues like these is mostly a waste of time. How can a Judge decide

who is right and who is wrong? Often, the Judge will suggest that the people try mediation

(Judges in Ireland are very supportive of mediation).


The best way to resolve community disputes is for the people to meet in a safe and private

room to discuss their issues with the help of a mediator and to find a way to resolve those

issues to the satisfaction of everybody.


Mediation takes place at times that suit both people – not at times that suit the Courts. In

mediation both people speak for themselves – they do not have solicitors or barristers

speaking for them. Mediation takes place in a private room – not in a public Court.

Mediation from Dublin Community Mediation is free to those who cannot afford to pay –

the price of solicitors and barristers can be very expensive. If people reach agreement, it is

their voluntary agreement – it is not one imposed upon them by a Judge. Everything

discussed at mediation is confidential – there will be no unpleasant stories in local



If you are involved in a community row, try mediation first. If it does not work to your

satisfaction, you are still free to engage a solicitor and have your day in Court. Mediation is

by far the best way to resolve community disputes. Going to Court is the worst way. The

2017 Mediation Bill will require solicitors to advise their clients of the benefits of mediation.